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Quality workmanship spirs EZ Autobody’s success

In March of 1998, John and Shirley Pole opened EZ Autobody, in Gilbert, AZ. They immediately got the word out, and in no time at all, they had more work than they could handle. They were operating the small shop at full capacity receiving work from numerous insurance agents, car dealerships, and referrals from satisfied customers. The demand for EZ Auto body's quality work far exceeded the capacity to give each job the attention necessary. Together, John and Shirley realized they needed a larger facility.

In March of 2001, just three years after opening their first shop, John and Shirley custom built a much larger facility, capable of producing the quality to meet the demand. They built this new facility from the ground up, with quality in mind. The new facility is equipped with (2) state of the art, downdraft spray booths, (3) chief frame machines, and 10,000 sqft of working space.

In addition to the best equipment, John handpicked each of his employees selecting only the best of the best. The EZ Autobody team is made up of the most skilled estimators, body men, and painters in the valley. The end result is a shop that produces the top quality work and customer satisfaction that John and Shirley can be proud of.

Every customer at EZ Autobody is assured three things. An estimate that's complete and fair. Knowledge that the repair on their car is perfect as humanly possible, and guaranteed for life. A survey asking for their opinion of the overall experience, and urging them to give any input on how we may better meet their future needs. These surveys are the report card we use to evaluate our success. Anything less than excellent in any of the categories on the survey is handled personally and rectified completely.

EZ Autobody will do whatever it takes to make the customer completely happy. this philosophy of doing top quality work, putting the customer first, and guaranteeing every job, is nothing new. The sad fact is that most shops in this business have forgotten this simple formula for success. Not John and Shirley Pole, they know it works. Their success story and thriving business are the proof in the pudding.